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  • 8 gallon Milk Can Boiler
    The new standard for small batch distillation. 8 gallon capacity will often produce over a gallon of drinkable alcohol!

    This is a premium mirror polished stainless steel milk can distilling boiler with a 2" tri-clamp connection on the top. This 8 gallon boiler will come with a 2 inch tri-clover fitting (including a clamp, gasket, and stainless steel end cap) located near the bottom for adding a electric heat element, drain, or thermometer. It has a domed lid with 2" tri-clover fitting for attaching your column to complete your stainless steel milk can still. The boiler is made of NSF certified stainless steel. 8 gallon milk can measurements: 13" L x 13" W x 22" H, 13lbs